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Our app introduces customizable action buttons that Jira administrators can precisely adapt to fit the specific needs and style of your team. Discover how seamlessly integrated, intuitively designed buttons can enhance your work efficiency by enabling quick creation and linking of processes. Our app integrates seamlessly into your Jira interface, transforming routine tasks into simple, effective actions with just a single click. Discover how automatic linking and stylish button designs revolutionize your project management, making it more efficient and visually appealing.


Customized design of your workflow

Design buttons that match the theme and style of your project. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or vibrant, eye-catching icons, our app enables you to customize buttons that perfectly align with your project's identity.

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Seamless integration

Assign these buttons to specific projects and task types. They integrate seamlessly into your Jira view screen, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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One-click process creation

With a single click, these buttons can automatically initiate the creation of predefined tasks within selected projects. This feature significantly streamlines case entry, drastically reducing the time and effort required, and allowing your team to concentrate on core activities.

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Automatic linking

Each action not only generates transactions but also intelligently connects them to relevant activities, greatly enhancing the efficiency of tracking and management processes.

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Guaranteed data sovereignty

With our app, your data is safe with you. Atlassian plans to activate the data residency feature for Forge-based apps like ours from 2024. This means your data is stored exclusively in the region you select, ensuring enhanced control and security of your information.

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Application examples

Link story with feature

Clicking the button instantly creates a new user story and automatically links it to a specific feature. This is perfectly suited for agile teams aiming to rapidly expand their product backlog while maintaining clear connections to their broader feature set.

Link bug with test case

Our button enables team members to instantly report a new bug and directly link it to the relevant test case.

Connect task with Epic

With this action, you can create a new task and automatically link it to a predefined epic. This feature is especially beneficial for large projects where tasks must be consistently and clearly aligned with broader objectives.

Link subtasks with main tasks

For meticulous project management, our button enables the creation of a subtask that is directly linked to its parent task, facilitating a structured and organized method for managing complex tasks.

Linking requirements with initiatives

Use our button to effortlessly submit a change request and directly link it to an ongoing initiative, streamlining change management and tracking in large-scale projects.

Linking risks with projects

Risks and problems can be easily created and linked for projects as part of the project reporting system.



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Create your own Create and Link Button quickly and easily:

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Quickly assign your button to a view screen and a create action:

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JIRA users can now make optimal use of the “Create and Link” button:

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