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"VIP.LEAN Advanced Links"

The Jira app “VIP.LEAN Advanced Links” is a package with technical aids that puts the management of Jira Issues in a clear, professional and methodical context. Not only sub-tasks, but any Jira Issues can be created and referenced from an initial process. Clearly defined link types are used for the “nertworking” of the Jira issues. Freely configurable tables based on these links allow a user-friendly navigation. Processes in many hierarchies can be used much more intuitively by the end user.


We offer the following features:

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Pick and Link Issues
The following functions are possible with the "single" or "multiple Issue Picker and Linker" custom field:
  • Selection of Jira issues to be linked using JQL statements
  • Definition of the links that will be created automatically
  • Synchronization of the field after changes to the links by the end user
  • Display of the link
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Related Issues Panels
The following functions are possible with the "Related Issues Panels":
  • Selecting the link for the tabular display
  • Selecting the Jira fields to appear in the table
  • Displaying the linked tasks as a table in the issue detail view
  • Hide the default panel of the links in the task display
  • Planned: Hide the configured links in the link screen for end users
  • Planned: tabular display of the sub-tasks
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Create and Link Issues
The "Create and Link Issue(s)" function will round off the functionality of the Jira App:
  • Create and link issues with one button
  • Configuration of the fields an end user should populate when creating
  • Configuration of the fields that should be automatically populated


High Configuration Need

In order to structure Jira issues by means of links, many configuration steps are necessary.

Central Configuration

All links between the processes can be managed from a central point.

Multiple Jira apps

Various Jira apps are required to structure Jira processes using links.

One app for the entire use case

We have provided the most important functions in a single Jira app.

Navigate along the technical structure

For example, end users want to be able to quickly navigate from tests to stories, then to features and epics

Navigation with fields and panels

Thanks to the links created automatically beforehand, the end user can navigate top down or bottom up using the displayed panels. User-defined fields are also available for navigation.

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Create and Link

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Design your own button: Design, place, click – Easily create and link predefined issues from your workflow.

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Issue Picker

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Create custom fields as issue pickers, specified by JQL queries. End users benefit from automatic issue linking

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ETL for Reporting

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This app transfers Jira data in real-time as business entities into your database. This significantly simplifies report generation in Power BI/Tableau.


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From $2.45 / per month

Create and navigate through your Jira tasks along semantic structures with issue pickers, issue panels and linked task creation.

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Maximize your savings on licensing costs and effortlessly extend the benefits of Jira features to a larger number of users.

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Behaviours Builder (24Q2)

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The Behaviours Builder allows administrators in Jira to configure field behavior based on defined conditions using a GUI, without any need for programming.

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