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Streamline the Workflow for Your Jira Administrators with VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers: Create Custom Fields as Issue Pickers, Defined by JQL Queries. End Users Benefit from Automatic Issue Linking Upon Selection, Enhancing Jira’s Efficiency and User-Friendliness.


Fully Integrated Cloud Solution
Our VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers App leverages Atlassian's Forge platform and operates entirely within your cloud instance. This ensures seamless integration and readiness for Atlassian's upcoming comprehensive Data Residency support.
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Unlimited Options with Smart Paging
Unlike other providers, our VIP.LEAN Issue Picker fields allow an unlimited number of choices. With our innovative Smart Paging, you can effortlessly display extensive lists, such as those with 30,000 options or more, without any loss in performance.
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Guaranteed Data Sovereignty
With our app, your data remains securely with you. Atlassian is planning to enable the Data Residency feature for Forge-based apps like ours from 2024. This means your data will be stored exclusively in the region of your choice, ensuring greater control and security of your information.
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Simple Automation and Smart Filtering
Our VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers App simplifies the use of Jira's automation rules and bulk changes. Additionally, we harness the full power of JQL to further refine selection lists with search terms – a key advantage for long lists, enabling more efficient work.
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Advanced Synchronization and Context-Specific JQLs
Our VIP.LEAN Issue Pickers App stands out from other providers by offering advanced options for link synchronization. Starting from 2024 Q1, we plan to support various JQL filters for different contexts.
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Practical Use Cases

Feature-Story Mapping

In agile projects, features are often divided into user stories. With the issue picker, you can create a drop-down list to link stories to features.

Program Increment Planning

During PI planning, you can use the issue picker to assign features to specific PIs by listing active PIs.

Cross-Links to Bugs

The issue picker makes it possible to link bugs to specific stories or tasks by providing a list.

Dependency Management

The issue picker makes it possible to link tasks or stories with potential dependencies in order to inform teams about linked tasks.

Version Release Management

When preparing for a software release, you can use the issue picker to categorize tasks or errors for specific releases.

Integration of Customer Feedback

The issue picker helps to link customer feedback with specific features or products in order to provide relevant information for product improvements.



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Quickly and easily create your own issue picker as a custom field in JIRA:

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Assign the issue picker quickly and easily to the JIRA screens as a custom field:

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JIRA users can now make optimal use of the custom field of the issue picker:

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