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Solutions for Dynamic Projects

Agile and Classic Solutions for Modern Enterprises

The VIP.LEAN solutions are transforming project management by offering a wide range of solutions and products for both agile and classic project control, tailored to meet the requirements of modern businesses. These solutions enable seamless integration with Jira and popular BI platforms, facilitating real-time monitoring and automation of key project metrics. This is aimed at fundamentally transforming project portfolio management.



Project Portfolio Management
Agile Portfolio Management

Agile and classic projects are initialized based on strategic and value-adding goals. The initial financial planning is justified with the help of a business case. In the course of project implementation, however, many unplanned changes usually occur that have to be identified quickly and transparently in both an agile and classic environment. Timely and comprehensive transparency at all levels and in all project phases is a main focus of ours PPM and agile solutions . This allows proactive and early adaptation in the project.

All those involved and affected have a uniform platform-independent position to maintain the progress of the project during the entire project life cycle: Jira . Jira can run in the cloud as well as on its own server. Our solutions integrate Jira as an input channel and use other useful extensions to enable the flow of information to BI tools. We offer a ready-made Jira configuration and ready-made BI dashboards. Everything realized and optimized over years of experience.

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The VIP.LEAN Jira products can be found as apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. 

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With our 15 years of experience in the operational control of projects and PMOs, we have designed our toolset and we are now continuously optimizing it based on stakeholder feedback. Our solutions are lean, easily adaptable and have been used successfully for many years.



Our solutions are based on standard frameworks that we have rolled out several times in everyday project management. Our tools always follow the lived reality of these processes and adapt to the customer.



Quality assurance accompanies all of our solution steps. The feedback from our customers is very important and is quickly taken into account.



In order for our customers to generate the desired added value with their projects, the reference to the value chain always plays a central role in project planning and project implementation.

Trust as the foundation for sustainable partnerships

Customers & PARTNERS

Since 2016, initially as “Abdmoulah IT Consulting” and later as “VIP.LEAN-Solutions GmbH” from 2020, we have successfully completed numerous projects with our clients and partners. We have staffed over 125 IT experts. Leveraging our expertise with Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Power Apps, various databases, and cloud systems, we have implemented several standard applications used by over 30,000 users worldwide across multiple systems.

Free solution ideas and templates


Jira Server – Access for significantly more users than the license user tier

If the number of real users exceeds the user tier of your Jira software license (server version) you, as end-user are highly limited in your operational work, as long you don’t migrate to Jira data center or cloud version. The VIP.LEAN license optimizer provides you the perfect intermediate solution, until you complete your migration process.

Power BI Dashboards – Optimized updates with Power Automate

The cloud-based tool Power BI offers the possibility to visualize and analyze data efficiently. To use Power BI even more efficiently, the additional use of Power Automate can be helpful. In the following blog post, we present two concrete use cases for optimized updates with Power Automate.

Risk and Issue Management

How you can use significantly more reliable indicators for the on-time delivery of your projects with the help of the earned schedule analysis.

The project structure plan (WBS)

The project scope planning is part of the project scope management. In this post, we will focus on project scope planning. A core element of project scope planning is the work breakdown structure.