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With our 15 years of experience in the operational control of projects and PMOs, we have designed our toolset and we are now continuously optimizing it based on stakeholder feedback. Our solutions are lean, easily adaptable and have been used successfully for many years.



Our solutions are based on standard frameworks that we have rolled out several times in everyday project management. Our tools always follow the lived reality of these processes and adapt to the customer.



Quality assurance accompanies all of our solution steps. The feedback from our customers is very important and is quickly taken into account.



In order for our customers to generate the desired added value with their projects, the reference to the value chain always plays a central role in project planning and project implementation.

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Risk and Issue Management

Risk and issue management are central components of project management. Risks and issues must be successfully identified and minimized to ensure the success of a

The project structure plan (WBS)

The project scope planning is part of the project scope management. In this post, we will focus on project scope planning. A core element of project scope planning is the work breakdown structure.

Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a project management method that allows the use of the CPI/SPI KPIs to indicate whether the project is on track in terms of cost and schedule or not

Earned schedule analysis

The Earned Schedule Analysis (ES)

How you can use significantly more reliable indicators for the on-time delivery of your projects with the help of the earned schedule analysis.