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Jira Server – Access for significantly more users than the license user tier

4. December 2022

If the number of real users exceeds the user tier of your Jira software license (server version) you, as end-user are highly limited in your operational work, as long you don't migrate to Jira data center or cloud version. The VIP.LEAN license optimizer provides you the perfect intermediate solution, until you complete your migration process.


Power BI Dashboards – Optimized updates with Power Automate

19. September 2022

The cloud-based tool Power BI offers the possibility to visualize and analyze data efficiently. To use Power BI even more efficiently, the additional use of Power Automate can be helpful. In the following blog post, we present two concrete use cases for optimized updates with Power Automate.


Risk and Issue Management

24. May 2022

How you can use significantly more reliable indicators for the on-time delivery of your projects with the help of the earned schedule analysis.


The project structure plan (WBS)

20. February 2022

The project scope planning is part of the project scope management. In this post, we will focus on project scope planning. A core element of project scope planning is the work breakdown structure.


Earned Value Analysis (EVA)

20. February 2022

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is a project management method that allows the use of the CPI/SPI KPIs to indicate whether the project is on track in terms of cost and schedule or not

Earned schedule analysis

The Earned Schedule Analysis (ES)

18. February 2022

How you can use significantly more reliable indicators for the on-time delivery of your projects with the help of the earned schedule analysis.


Jira Based Project Planning Tools

29. September 2021

Our team of experts have checked various Jira PlugIns with a WBS (Work-Breakdown-Structure) for necessary key functions that are needed. We would like to present the results of this evaluation in this blog post.


Process-driven delivery & dependency management

28. February 2018

In this post, you will learn how we performed dependency management for a team using a dependency management tool. This information can serve as orientation for your own projects.


Collaborative project planning with Smartsheet

23. March 2017

We used smartsheet for one of our projects and gathered all the information for you in this blog post.