Project Description


The Jira App-In “VIP.LEAN DATABASES – Data Warehouse” allows our customers to export all Jira artifacts to any database. The target database tables are automatically created and populated by the app. The table content is based on the business and technical needs of our customers and can be evaluated directly with other BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI. The potential of your Jira data is fully exploited with this app.

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We offer the following features:


Real-time BI dashboards

The integration with technical tables or Rest-API is complex

Functionally structured tables

Our app can be used to create business tables that represent a direct data source for BI tools.

Data from multiple Jira instances

With many Jira instances, it is time-consuming to see all the data at a glance.

One app for the entire use case

Our app can run on several Jira instances and use central shared tables. This gives the customer a consolidated view and can also evaluate it in BI tools (e.g. all stories across all Jira instances)

More control over your own data

For example, end users want to be able to quickly navigate from tests to stories, then to features and epics

Further processing of the reporting tables

Once the Jira data is stored in a technical/business table, any further processing can take place, such as histories or more complex calculations.