Project Description

JIRA TOOLS – Advanced Links

The Jira App “VIP.LEAN TOOLS – Advanced Links” is a package of technical tools that allows end users to manage Jira issues in a clear, functional and methodological context. Not only sub-tasks, but any Jira processes can be created and / or referenced from an initial process. Clearly defined link types are used for the “nertworking” of the Jira issues. Freely configurable tables based on these links allow a user-friendly navigation. Processes in many hierarchies (e.g. in a portfolio, agile, requirement, test management project) can be used much more intuitively by the end user.

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We offer the following features:


High Configuration Need

In order to structure Jira issues by means of links, many configuration steps are necessary.

Central Configuration

All links between the processes can be managed from a central point

Multiple Jira apps

In order to structure Jira issues using links, various apps are required

One app for the entire use case

We have provided the most important functions in a single Jira app

Navigate along functional structure

For example, end users want to be able to quickly navigate from tests to stories, then to features and epics

Navigation with fields and panels

Thanks to the links created automatically beforehand, the end user can navigate top down or bottom up with the help of the displayed panels. User-defined fields are also available for navigation.